The heart of a Dwarf #1

 The old sailor had been right; The Broken Lance was full of distractions! Such a motley crew of vagabonds I haven't seen before!  The camaraderie of these fishermen is something to behold!  I don't envy the head on that Cory fella come morning after all the ale the others were pouring down him!

  I just needed a place as far from Sundabar as I could get, and the docks seemed to be about it. It was 4 years ago that Sundabar fell and my family stolen me at the hands of the dirty orcs!  I wanted to be far from Sundabar and my thoughts this night.  But before i could get properly drunk, I found myself sharing a table with some others.   These three tried making small talk – and seemed friendly enough, but I wasn't much in the mood to socialize.

  Soon, the half-elf, started singing and carrying on – much to the delight of the sailors. Truth is, he's pretty good – not that I'd ever tell him that!  Whilst he were playing, a Captain entered and caused a stir.  A few songs later, she approached us and offered the four of us a job.  Not sure the half-elf knows his way around a fight, but he could talk circles around most!  Between him and the Tiefling, they managed to negotiate us a fine deal to go to sea.  I don't know why I threw in with them, but  this trip will get me further from Sundabar than I'd hoped. 

  We four shared a room that night.  Three local thugs thought to get some easy coin by coming after us, but we sent them packing right quick!  

  The half-orc, Brunt, is a strong one.  He knows to use that maul of his. He's simple and straightforward.  Despite the orc in him, I find him to be alright. We'll see if that holds after a time on a ship with him!

  The half-elf, Davorin, likes the sound of his own voice. Talks a lot.  But, I can no deny that he's a smart one.  Knows things.  Asks lots of questions too. He's quick of wit, and always ready with a song or a spell.  At least the trip won't be boring!

  The Tiefling, Pym, I find interesting. I've not ever known a Tiefling before.  I'd heard they was little more than half-tamed demons, but I sense none of that from Pym. He comes across as honorable, and kind. He likes to think as well. This one will take some time to get to know.  There are many layers to him.  I don't know why, but I feel that I can trust him.  And trust is a rare treasure most times.

  I find myself trying to get a read on the three of them, and not giving up much about meself. Maybe on the trip to sea.  But not today.  Today is for me wife and son.  By Moradin, I miss 'em still.

  It's now the third morning at sea. By Moradin beard!  What business does any Dwarf have being on the sea? The twice cursed bloody ship doesn't ever sit still!  Soon I expect to have turned meself inside out for all the heaving and tossing over the side of the boat I've done!  The crew still find it funny, the bastards!  My stomach hurts from all the throwing up I've done! I've been so sick, I haven't even had words with the Orc that's part of the crew! Tog there should be thrown over the side of the boat now!  Bloody orcs!  World be better off with no orcs in it!



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