Session 1 - All Aboard

Life at sea

The party are drinking at the seedy dockside tavern known as The Broken Lance. The big news today concerns Cory McMadook, a local fisherman who has pulled in an enormous striped bass. Cory is currently being supplied with round after round of ale as the local fishermen crowd around to congratulate him. The whole tavern is in a jovial mood this evening, and even the normally beleaguered staff seem to be having a good time.

As the evening moves on and the drinks flow faster, you notice a young human woman enter the tavern. She has the look of a ship’s captain, complete with a long blue frock coat and the unmistakable aura of command. Many of the sailors and dockworkers either nod hello or divert their gaze as she walks past. She glances at your table momentarily before taking a seat with two large men.

The woman is Araveene Moonlight, an ambitious young sea captain looking for some muscle to accompany her as she plies the dangerous trade routes to the south.

Negations ensue and the Adventurer's finally agree to a fee for their service. 

After a gold advance, the Adventurer's are confronted by local thugs (Nice natural 1 Brunt!) and are forced to put a beating down. Two thugs run off and one is offered redemption.

The ship sets sail soon after the party is onboard. The crew is very busy for the first few hours, but after reaching open waters a pleasant rhythm settles over the ship. Some of the adventurers face the misery of sea sickness.

On the third evening, the Captain informs the adventurers of the true purpose of the trip – to seek out the Fortunate Son.



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