Session 0

Thanks for everyone who was able to make it to Session 0. Rico, we missed you! 

  • It seems that everyone was able to log in relatively easily. Discord went well although it seems that some hotel WiFi systems aren't all that great. To quote Pathfinder… "If I mute it and don't run FG, I can stay in and hear you. Otherwise, I start a death spiral on everything.


  • I will have Fantasy Grounds opened up most of the time so you guys can log on and get your 3rd characters created and ready to go. If you have a specific portrait and/or token, feel free to email it to me (daggerfortysix@icloud.com) and I will get those put on your character sheets.


  • We are going to be running a third party campaign mixed with some OSR AD&D and should be fun. I enjoyed everyone's interaction last night and look forward to seeing this play out.


  • Here is how the schedule will play out. Game day will be on Thursdays at 1900 MST except a few days as listed below. This is up on the Calendar as well so you can acknowledge if you will be there or not.

Jan 19
Feb 02
Feb 15 (Wednesday)
March 02
March 16
March 28 (Tuesday)
April 13
April 27
May 09 (Tuesday)
May 25
Jun 08
Jun 20 (Tuesday)
Jul 06
Jul 20



  • Some of the  house rules that I will be using include the use of Critical Hit and Fumble Tables and that Initiative will reset every round.


I'll see you all in January when we start! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concers.

~ Matt


What is the current party make up?

Tabaxi thief
Dwarf Cleric
Tiefling Warlock.

That’s all I know about.

Session 0

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