Chip on my shoulder #1

Secret thoughts of a warlock

One night, on the bow of the Dawnstar, a sailor wanders a little too close to the stranger in dark clothes.  He could swear he heard something.. a conversation or argument… However when he looked that way all he saw was the wizard and his raven staring in his direction.  He suddenly remembered the ropes he had to coil at the aft of the ship.

As the sailor retreated to the back of the boat Chip shifted on Pym's shoulder.  "It would be easier to just kill the Captain and take over.  Think of the GLORY!"

"Chip, you forget your place." Pym stared off at the sailors back.

"No I haven't!  I am your council and your eyes.  That is the contract I signed with your parents at your fathers behest.  Killing the Captain and taking over the ship would be the best coarse of actio..a..ahhAh!"  Pym's shoulder rose and fell sharply, causing the raven form to lose balance for a second.

"You can't get rid of me that easily Pym, you know that.  We're bound.  As much I am to you, you are to me.  I don't know why you have me in this ridiculous form."

Pym's eyes glanced to his familiars.  The malevolent intelligence there still unnerved him at times.  "I told you.  Me being called out as a Warlock could be dangerous.  It's not my fault you can't change into a pigeon."

"Lower life form, that's why not.  So, what are we planning to do with all the money we make?  Start an opium den?  I bet you would be good at running an opium den."

Pym sighed.  "No.  Probably open an orphanage."

"To molest small childr- ah!"  Pym had grabbed the raven and flung it out into the night.  In a few moments it landed on his other shoulder.  It appeared to be chuckling.



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