Thieves Guild Spy of the rarely seen Tabaxi race of Cat-people


Tempor is a Tabaxi. Yes, I am a Cat-person.

No, not some centuries-old elven old maid with 12 cats! I am an actual Cat-person. A ‘Tabaxi’ if you want to sound intelligent.

I spent most of my life, and all of my career among the Coin Spinners thieves guild. I was assigned as a spy to make sure the thieves didn’t lie about their income or skim the take of my very dangerous bosses.

When the Coin Spinners decided to form a loose alliance with a rival guild, The Dead Rats…literally they are dead rats, as in wererats, I decided that was the end of the thieving life for me. What self-respecting Cat-person would put up with such nonsense?

It is time to take my skills to a smaller, more profitable arrangement. An adventurer’s life for me, I say! Onward to the unknown!


Dagger5E Rondor