Pym "Guttersnipe" Ellengil

Bi-Polar Warlock with a "chip" on his shoulder.



Always with a gleam in his eye, Pym has an easy smile. He’s mercurial in his mood. One moment happy go lucky, the next dour and gloomy. He’s prone to outbursts at random times. When these happen he can be seen arguing with something on his shoulder.

If he looses his temper he lashes out. Once he realizes what he’s done he becomes apologetic and tries to fix everything. Sometimes over doing it.


The night was especially dark and rainy in the North Ward of Waterdeep. The small but well kept gated house stood dark save a light in the upper window. If one were to walk by on the street nothing would be amiss. However the reality was something much much darker.

The owners of the house were Mr and Mrs Dunlore. A quiet, non-assuming merchant couple. To their neighbors they owned a curiosity shop and did a small but thriving business from there. They were in fact, Warlocks. Cultists most vile. Their machinations with their dark lord Asmodeus helped them build his influence in the region. In exchange he gave them power and wealth.

It was this power that they craved more of. Their supplications for more power spurred Asmodeus to grant them a new pact. More power for the soul of a child. The depraved couple jumped at the deal and on that dark night, Mrs Dunlore experienced a not so immaculate conception.

To their family a tiefling was born. The child was not cared for and cried incessantly. The couple waited for the next new moon to perform the sacrifice of the child as requested by their domitor. As luck would have it, this ritual never took place. The day of the ritual, fate intervened.

Orinvar, bard of Tymora, was passing by the house one day when his belt pouch broke. He cursed and bent to retrieve the errant pouch. When he rose he saw a curious creature in the bushes of the house. It was an imp, which winked out of existence as soon as it noticed the bards gaze.

Thinking nothing of it, the bard continued on his way to his twins house for lunch. His twin, Borinvar was a paladin of Tyr who, unlike his brother, took things like Imps seriously. When Orinvar casually mentioned the sighting to his brother, the Paladin grew suspicious. Going to the cleric of his order, he asked for an augury on the creature, was it a random thing or something more sinister. The response was that of great woe should no action take place.

This solidified Borinvar’s resolve and he gathered some clerics and his brother and visited this unassuming house in the North Ward. Their approach did not go unnoticed and the warlocks fled. They left the mewling child as it was strapped to the circle in warded chains for the sacrifice.

Upon searching the house they found the child and evidence of foul magics.. The clerics took the child in and sent him to an orphanage of Tyr. They named him Pym.

Years passed and the child grew. The twins would visit Pym with tales of their adventures and try to instill on him the values they followed. He learned the difference of good and evil and was hoping to become a holy man like those who saved him. However Tymora’s coin is fickle and her luck touched his life again.

Not 6 years had the child been in the orphanage when the fire happened. The place burned and many children perished. However what Pym saw was something more. He woke while flames burned. At the foot of his bed was a great horned demon. It spoke to him.

“My son… I have come for you… serve me and you will be spared this burning fate.” Pym ran. He ran for his life.. The demons laughter filling his ears as he fled. His son? What did that mean? Was he a demon?

Pym did not stop running until the Dock Ward. There he stayed for a while and lived on the streets. He did not dare try to go to his friends. The demon would hurt them, Pym knew it.

Years passed again. At the age of 17 Pym had endured a rough life as a tiefling. Scrapping by had made him do things he wished he had not. However rough, the lessons instilled on him by the twins and the other clerics from his youth stuck with him. It was these teaching that spurred him to steal that bag of apples. He knew of six other children, homeless like him, that needed to eat. As he raced through the alleys with his ill gotten gains, he was trapped by a pair of thugs, seeing an easy mark.

As they closed in, fear turned to rage. How DARE they try to stop Pym on his quest! He screamed in fury and without realizing it, pointed his hand at his foes. A crackle of energy shot from his hand and struck one of the villains. He fell in a heap. The other fled from the astonished youth.

Pym looked at his hand then he heard a slow clapping that snapped him out of his befuddlement. Standing over the dead thug was a man, nicely dressed, with two horns protruding from his perfectly coiffed black hair. The stranger’s eyes were cat like and his grin revealed sharpened teeth. Upon noticing Pyms gaze, he spoke.

“Well done my son. Well done indeed.”

Pym heart jumped… memories of the fire and the demon flooded his vision.. Could this be? Impossible! Pym gestured with his hand again but this time the power did not stir. The mysterious man laughed.

“My boy, my gifts cannot be used against me! What kind of a horrible deal would that have been. No, it’s in all my contracts.. The fine print” At the phrase “Fine Print” his eyes narrowed to that of a dangerous predator as he looked over the now frightened Pym.

“Oh… have no fear boy. I have no intention of killing you. O could have… Kill you I mean.. Several times. Like in that horrible orphanage fire..”

Pym tried to run.. Tried to scream… but his body would not respond. Asmodeus’ eye’s softened a bit at his struggle.

“Why do they always try to run?” His eyes shifted again to those of a stern looking parent addressing a ill mannered youth. “Listen to me…. Your mother and I had an arrangement… Power for your soul.. However delivery was never made.” His grin turned to a sour grimace. “Wasted effort those two. I should have placed my trust in better beings.”

“I was going to kill you but you’ve grown. Your soul not so sweet and innocent.” His eyes lingered on the bag of apples then back to Pym. “However, you’ve tapped into your mother’s power and THAT is interesting. It makes you…. Useful. I see wonderful things in our future. I look forward to working with you!”

With that, he disappeared. No smoke, no sound .. just gone. Pym fainted.

When he awoke, Pym was in a room he had not been in. The smell of fish permeated the room and he could hear a small fire on the other side of the room. Looking around he saw the small woman immediately. The stooped lady sat looking at him with a wide grin. Her hair was white and sat upon her head like a storm cloud.

“What am I doing here?” Pyms heart started to race. Was this the demon again?

“Still your heart child. She who smiles has smiled on you.” Her smile broadened at Pyms confused scowl. She got up and waddled over to him.

“I don’t know why she put you in my path. But she did. Your dreams were troubled. Care to share?” She reached down and felt his brow.

He shrank from her touch. “I am cursed… I don’t deserve your pity.”

The woman pulled her hand away and shushed him admonishingly. “Now then child. It can’t be that bad.. Can it?”

Pym started to cry. Not since the twins had anyone showed him such concern. Through choked tears he spoke of his meeting with his father. By the time he was done he realized the woman had sat next to him and was cradling his head on her shoulder.

“There there child. What does your heart want?”

Pym stopped for a second. He never really thought about it. What did he want? He thought about having a family or owning a house… but the only thing that kept coming back to him… the tales from the twins of their adventures. Helping all those people, seeing all those places..

“I suppose I want to be an adventurer… “

“Tymora be praised!” The woman whispered. “Now it is clear.”

Pym sat up away from the woman and gave her a quizzical look. She chuckled at him. “I am a follower of Tymora. She has charged all of us to help those who would depend on her luck.. As luck would have it, you stumbled into me. Child all is not lost. If you want to be an adventurer you can work against your parentage.”

“How? I am who I am.”

“Nonsense! We are not culpable for our parents sins. You are your own person. Work against the dark. Let your good works shine forth as a testament to your soul.”

Pym stayed with the woman who we grew to call Grandma. She never gave him her real name. Just smiled and nodded when he asked. She trained him on ethics and teachings of Tymora.

She showed him clerical magic and tried to teach him that. He unfortunately could not create the bonds required. She assumed it was the ties of his father. “But no matter”, she had told him, “we will have to work with what you have.”

She instilled in him the ideals that merit can change anything. That through hard work he could take away the from the balance that evil had on his soul.

A year passed and Pym woke one morning to find the place empty. He was in an empty shack. His clothes and equipment stacked gently on the small table by his cot. A single amulet of Tymora sat atop his gear. Pym took this as a sign he was ready. He geared up and set out to change his fate.

What Pym tells people about his story is something completely different. To the world this is how it goes.

“Me? I’m just a wizard. School? oh no. I was too poor for that. I was an orphan at a young age. Lived on my fair share of streets.

I met with an old retired adventurer named Volanus. He took me in and taught me magic.

Sadly he died recently. No no .. that’s okay. I’m over it."

Pym "Guttersnipe" Ellengil

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