The heart of a Dwarf #4

What a strange trip this has been!  

We found the temple and after battling a mighty elemental, returned the strage idol to its proper place.  When I set the idol in the carved hole, the elemental disappeared.  Soon, the storm subsided and the sun returned.  I've not been so happy to see it!

I feel for the poor fools that tried to take the idol. The Captain seems torn.  She knew many of those that died. But I think she knows it was foolishness to take that idol.  Some things are better off not being messed with!

We've left the island and are sailing for Baldur's Gate.  It'll be good to get back on land!  I've not been to Baldur's Gate before.  It'll be interesting to see. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when we get there.  Part of me feels that it might be time to return to Sundabar. The other part isn't so sure. The pain there might be too much still.  Perhaps I might be better off waiting and seeing what these other three do before I decide.  At least with them, there's sure to be adventure!



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