The heart of a Dwarf #2

Been out here a few days and finally I've stopped heaving over the side.  Still rather be on solid ground, but I think I'm finally gettin' the hang o' this sailing business!

A boat-load of goblins caught us up this afternoon.  By Moradin, itr felt good to smash some Goblin skulls!  

Brunt is a tough one.  'Spose he should be with some Orc blood in 'im.  

Davorin held his own.  Did quite alright, truth be told. Still, a few years in the mines would toughen him up some. Spends too much time singing.  Worst part though, is he's pretty good. 

Pym did well.  Seemed to be enjoying it, too.  Maybe a little too much.  But, he's solid in a tough fight.  Had my back more than once.  

We're off to find The Fortunate Son!  With any luck there'll be more goblin heads to smash!



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