Session 3 - Land Ho!

The worst of the storm is over within the hour, though the strong winds and lightning carry on throughout the rest of the day. The rocking and thrashing of the ship doesn't allow for much rest.

The worst of the storm is over within the hour, though the strong winds and lightning carry on throughout the rest of the day. The rocking and thrashing of the ship doesn't allow for much rest.

The full moon hidden behind thick clouds offers a dim glow across the horizon. Soon, the unmistakable outline of land can be seen. It's a small island, with a low mountain peak in the center. As the Dawn Chaser gets closer, another ship can be seen. It is a carrack that has been stranded on a large reef. Even from a distance you can see the ship is in bad shape – though it is still upright and mostly intact. No light can be seen on the main deck, but you can just make out a faint, flickering blue light coming from a gash in the hull. You notice Captain Moonlight staring at the shipwreck and gripping the railing hard. "The Fortunate Son…" she mutters.

The captain knows it is too great a coincidence that the Dawn Chaser was blown toward Storm Island, and she is beginning to suspect that they are caught in a web of dark magic.

The captain musters the adventurers to board and investigate the Fortunate Son.

As Dorn steps onto the main deck, he sees that the crew attempted to gather supplies from the island to complete the repairs. Cut timbers, lengths of vine, and large thick leaves are scattered around haphazardly. An especially large pile of leaves begins to move, and suddenly explodes outward. Standing up from it are several crewmen, their eyes no more than pools of inky dark, their faces decaying, and small threads of lightning arcing across their bodies. A battle with the storm zombies ensues.

The adventurers discover Pukka, who says that ver a month ago the Fortunate Son was blown onto the reef. The crew began to make repairs, but found and pillaged "the Temple", taking Thunderchild with them. He knows that the idol must be returned to the Temple because "Old Man Storm is angry" and a curse follows the idol around. The adventurers recognize this idol as the one they found on the goblin attacker's boat.

Four storm zombies and the storm zombie captain are encountered below deck, and they attack as soon as the door is opened. Once the zombies are dealt with, Captain Moonlight begins to look over the maps. 

<q>These maps were made by my father! Now, I'm not some sentimental school girl tearing up over his work – I already have many of his maps on my ship. Here's the problem, my father was lost at sea twenty years back – but this map was made just two years ago! There's half a dozen of his maps on this table – all made within the past five years.</q>

When the adventurers search the cabin, they find the captain's journal. The early pages contain uninteresting information about wind direction, headings and navigational readings. The last few pages describe the terrible storm that drove the ship onto the reef. They also tell of how they began repairing the ship, while a large party explored the island interior. These crew returned bearing Thunderchild, and told of a strange temple they had found carved into a cliff face. They claimed to have been chased from the temple by "a living storm" – several of the crew did not escape. The journal then notes the descent of the crew into madness, and the horrific discovery that the dead were rising to life again. The captain quickly surmises that the curse is being caused by the idol dislocated from the strange temple. The journal ends with the captain and several of the sailors locking themselves in his cabin to escape the rest of the crew. With supplies running low and the sailors slowly being consumed by madness, the last journal entry reads:

<q>There is no hope –  we can but wait for the end - there is no hope.</q>



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