Session 2 - The Raiders Attack

As the sun begins to rise over the ocean, a vessel can be seen cutting through the morning fog. It appears to be on an intercept course with the Dawn Chaser!

Captain Moonlight orders the party to prepare for an attack, even as the crew rush about and make their own preparations.

The ship that is approaching is a long carrack, with three tall masts and square, full sails. As it gets closer, you can see it’s crewed by small green humanoids. They are jumping around the deck excitedly, while preparing long planks and ropes. One of the creatures stands on the bow of the ship, wearing a ragged red coat and barking orders.

The nameless ship contains 24 goblins and a goblin boss. Quickly the ships collide side-to-side, with the goblins launching grappling hooks and dropping boarding plank, and the goblins launch their attack. 

Captain Moonlight and the crew do not sit by idly as their ship is boarded.

After a tough battle, the goblin pirates are killed.

The goblin ship is lucky to even be afloat. The masts are cracked, the sails are torn, and important ropes have been snapped in two. A hatch leads to the lower deck, and the stench wafting up through the rotted planks suggests that the goblin sailors aren’t especially interested in hygiene. The only thing that is not in bad condition is a large crate that has been tied down to the deck – undoubtedly pillaged from some other vessel.

The crate is nailed shut, but can be easily opened. Inside is some cutlery, a few navigational instruments, and an assortment of ship supplies. There is also one peculiar item – a hunk of silvery metal in the shape of a jagged triangle.

When the captain examines the crate, she will curse aloud, saying, “These instruments are from the 
Fortunate Son – those wretched goblins beat us to it!” Still, she is determined to press on.

The skies begin to darken as the ship sails on through evening. By the time dinner is gone, the winds have picked up and the waves have begun to batter the ship’s hull. The crew prepare for stormy weather as a crack of thunder is heard overhead.

Within minutes, the storm breaks over the Dawn Chaser. Rain begins to fall in sheets, and lightning courses through low clouds that seem barely higher than the mainmast. The ship is tossed between the waves as torrents of salt water wash over the main deck. The captain yells out orders to the crew as she calls you over. “We’re taking a beating – we need your help!” she cries through the torrent of rain. “Gregor’s shortening the sails and he needs some muscle to finish before the mast snaps! Tog is trying to get all the rigging tied off, so a few of you need to lend him a hand as well!”

The full moon hidden behind thick clouds offers a dim glow across the horizon. Soon, the unmistakable outline of land can be seen. It’s a small island, with a low mountain peak in the center. As the Dawn Chaser gets closer, another ship can be seen. It is a carrack that has been stranded on a large reef. Even from a distance you can see the ship is in bad shape – though it is still upright and mostly intact. No light can be seen on the main deck, but you can just make out a faint, flickering blue light coming from a gash in the hull. You notice Captain Moonlight staring at the shipwreck and gripping the railing hard. “The Fortunate Son…” she mutters.











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