Chip on my shoulder #3

The hole in my soul....

The night was blustery and cold.  Pym followed Brunt as they rowed back to the ship.  They were all in their own little worlds.

Pym looked at his shoulder.  Chip was gone.  The space was void of the familiar weight.  He smiled.  The silence was beautiful.

"ahgra gooth tarashk nebal.." Pym spoke in Infernal under his breath.  The phrase was one Chip would mutter to him on his shoulder.  "Your continued life gives Him power."  He was told that after every conflict Pym came out of.  A dark reminder that his fate was sealed.

The absence of that phrase seemed wrong to him.  He smirked to himself.  How ironic was that?  Missing the thing he was most annoyed at?  

"Did you think you were going to be rid of me?"  Pym's eyes snapped open with a start.  The voice was clear as day.  He looked around and did not see the Imp.  The Imp's laughter floated through the air.  "Nope… not so easy.  See Pym old bot, I'm bound to you.  I can't leave.  Even if I could."

Pym realized that the voice was internal.  It was louder than normal.  It reverberated in his head and made his hair stand on end.  "let me out Pym… Give me another body.. you know the words.."

"Eveesh ne gratta!  Brrig mi tanosh!" Pym said, perhaps too loudly.  The Captain looked back over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow.  Pym smiled sheepishly.  "Sorry… "  Then to himself.."I can't do that!  I don't have the components!"

The chuckle that reverberated in his head was sadistic.  "I suggest you get them….  mmmmmaster."

Pym's thoughts turned to wondering if he could make his own incense…..




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